About Our Staff:

Larry Audije – Owner

larry audijeDance Styles: American Smooth & Rhythm, International Standard & Latin, Swing, Salsa and Country Western.
Background: Dancing since 1993; originally trained with Arthur Murray Dance Studios; with ASA since 2004; Experienced in Professional and Pro/Am Shows and Competitions
Specialties: Teaching advanced couples; coaching
Personality Traits: Fun, energetic and focused
Favorite Dance: Tango, Bolero and Foxxy

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Ruhiyyih McKinley – Co-Manager & Social Director

Ru GepnerDance Styles: American Smooth & Rhythm
Background: DVIDA Certified; Ballet, tap, and jazz from 1982-1999; began belly dance and Middle Eastern Folkloric and Tribal Dance in 1995, competed and coached professionally from 2002-2006; began Swing and club dances in 1997 and Ballroom and Latin Dance in 2009; With ASA since 2011.
Specialties: Certified in SSSBD Level 1, IFA Personal Training and Fitness Insruction, and Dancesport Endurance. Loves to draw emotion out of people, especially for performances
Other Professional Experience: Bachelor of Science in Finance and Economics from Fayetteville State University
Personality: Fun and silly, but serious
Favorite Dance: Cha Cha

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Ashley Novak – Co-Manager & Dance Director

AshleyDance Styles: American Rhythm & Smooth; International Standard & Latin
Background: Started Dancing in 1997. Started teaching with Fred Astaire in North Carolina. Instructor and Competition Organizer for five years in Tampa. With ASA since August 2010.
Specialties: Teaching with logic and understanding while encouraging students to have fun and laugh along the way.
Other Professional Experience: Pro/Am Competitor, Top Female Teacher achievements, 2008 winner of Tampa Bay Dancing With The Stars
Personality Traits: Fun, Electric, and LOVES to teach!
Favorite Dance: Swing and Tango

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Brian Anthony Brocato – Instructor

EsterDance Styles: American Smooth & Rhythm
Background: Background in Music and the Culinary Arts;
with ASA since January 2012
Specialties: Instructing in a manner that is clear, easy to learn, and fun
Personality Traits: Patient, Compassionate, and eager to inspire others to dance
Favorite Dance: Tango and Swing

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Chris Hill - Instructor

TylerDance Styles: American Smooth & Rhythm, International Latin, West Coast Swing and Salsa.
Background: Dancing since 2012; Competed Professional and Pro/Am;
with ASA since 2015
Specialties: Teaching at a high energy, fun and competitive pace
Personality Traits: Fun, Driven, Coy and Peaceful
Favorite Dance: Rumba, Waltz, West Coast Swing and Salsa

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Keturah Robison – Instructor

KeturahDance Styles: American Smooth & Rhythm
Background: DVIDA Certified; Dancing Ballroom & Latin since 2007; University of North Florida Bachelor of Music in Classical Piano Performance; With ASA since 2010
Specialties: Beginners; Explaining dance in simple and easy terms
Personality Traits: Outgoing, all smiles, makes learning fun
Favorite Dances: Foxtrot & Cha Cha

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Roseanna George - Instructor

roseannaDance Styles: American Smooth & Rhythm
Background: Background in ballet, jazz, hip hop, and contemporary. Took on the newest art form of "step" dancing in 2010 and continues teaching with Step-In-School, Inc. in select Duval County Public Schools. With ASA since spring of 2013.
Specialities: Teaching dance in its simplest form while still being creative and stylish
Personality: Technical, Patient, and Understanding
Favorite Dances: Bolero, Tango, Cha-Cha

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Samantha Wilson - Instructor

SamanthaDance styles: American Smooth & Rhythm
Background: Dancing since 2010, with a rich background in theater and the performing arts; With ASA since 2012
Specialties: Breaking things down in a way that is both simple and fun. Inspiring and promoting self-confidence in dance.
Personality traits: Vibrant, patient, supportive
Favorite Dance: East Coast Swing, Foxtrot, Hustle

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Samuel Penalba - Instructor

samuelDance Style: American Smooth and Rhythm
Dancing since age 5, choreography and performances for parties (i.e. weddings, graduations. etc)
Help students achieve picturesque dancing
Eager, Calm and Loves to Dance!
Favorite Dances:
Hustle, Cha-Cha, E.C. Swing

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Wes Kuehlthau – Instructor

WesleyDance Styles: American Rhythm & Smooth; Salsa
Professional Experience: Dancing since 2008, Pro-Am Competitor 2012, DVIDA Certified; with ASA since 2012
Background: United States Navy 2003-2012. Enlisted Nuclear Machinest, and Surface Warfare Officer.
Specialties: Understanding the needs of the beginning student, and making dance fun.
Personality Traits: Skilled Communicator & Teacher, Fun, Patient
Favorite Dance: International Waltz & West Coast Swing

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Supporting Staff:

Carolyn Bell Audije – Marketing, Design, Planning & Promotions

Carolyn Bell AudijeDance American Smooth & Rhythm; currently competes regionally in Pro-Am
Former Manager of Arthur Murray Dance Studio in Jacksonville, Florida. BA in Graphic Design 1991. Currently is self-employed in Graphic Design and working part time for the Jacksonville Children's Chorus as the Marketing & PR Coordinator.
Specialties: Design of logos, brochures, publications, advertising, annual reports, marketing planning, websites; competes in local Pro/Am competitions
Other professional experience: Managed and taught for Arthur Murray Dance Studios for 6 years.
Personality traits: Organized, Tenacious, Family-Oriented
Favorite dance: Bolero, Cha Cha and Tango

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Shay Spicer – Certified Zumba® Instructor

shayShay became a Certified Zumba® Fitness Instructor and took over the Zumba® Fitness classes at ASA in March of 2011. We started off with just a few students and now have a thriving Wednesday and Saturday mornings at 9:30am and Zumba® Toning which takes place on Sunday mornings at 9:30am.

The best part about taking a class at ASA is that we have all different shapes, sizes, ages and ability level, but we all mix to make a great family. Shay tells all her students, new and existing, to remember, "the toughest step is walking through the front door!"







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