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About Our Staff:

Larry Audije – Owner

Larry-Audije-circleDance Styles: American Smooth & Rhythm, International Standard & Latin, Swing, Salsa and Country Western.
Background: Dancing since 1994; originally trained with Arthur Murray Dance Studios; with ASA since 2004; Experienced in Professional and Pro/Am Shows and Competitions
Specialties: Teaching advanced couples; coaching
Personality Traits: Fun, energetic and focused
Favorite Dance: Tango, Bolero and Foxxy


Ashley Novak – Studio Manager & Dance Director

Dance Styles: American Rhythm & Smooth; International Standard & Latin
Background: Started Dancing in 1997. Started teaching with Fred Astaire in North Carolina. Instructor and Competition Organizer for five years in Tampa. With ASA since August 2010.
Specialties: Teaching with logic and understanding while encouraging students to have fun and laugh along the way.
Other Professional Experience: Professional Competitor and American Rhythm finalist; Pro/Am Competitor, Top Female Teacher achievements, 2008 winner of Tampa Bay Dancing With The Stars
Personality Traits: Fun, electric, and LOVES to teach!
Favorite Dance: Cha Cha and Waltz


Keturah Robison – Social Director & Instructor

Dance Styles: American Smooth & Rhythm
Background: DVIDA Certified; Dancing Ballroom & Latin since 2007; University of North Florida Bachelor of Music in Classical Piano Performance; With ASA since 2010
Specialties: Beginners; Explaining dance in simple and easy terms
Personality Traits: Outgoing, all smiles, makes learning fun
Favorite Dances: Foxtrot & Cha Cha


Jenniffer Castaño – Instructor

Dance Styles:
Professional Experience:
Personality Traits:
Favorite Dance:


Amelia De La Haye – Instructor

Dance styles: American Smooth and Rhythm, Latin, Modern, Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary, Hip Hop
Background: Dancing since 1998; Graduated from DeKalb School of the Arts in 2004, Trained at Conyers School of Ballet. Experienced in choreography and preparing students for auditions.
Specialties: Children to Adults. Beginner to Advanced.
Personality traits: Calm and clear. Loves to make dancing fun and easy!
Favorite Dance: Tango, and Viennese Waltz


Muhidin Divovic – Instructor

Dance Style:
Favorite Dances:


Wesley Kuehlthau – Instructor

Wesley-Kuehlthau-circleDance Styles: American Rhythm & Smooth
Professional Experience: Dancing since 2008, Pro-Am Competitor 2012, DVIDA Certified; with ASA since 2012
Background: United States Navy 2003-2012. Nuclear Machinist and Surface Warfare Officer. Employed with the Jacksonville Dept. of Fire and Rescue
Specialties: Understanding the needs of the beginning student, and making dance fun.
Personality Traits: Skilled communicator & teacher, fun, patient
Favorite Dance: International Waltz & West Coast Swing


Samuel Penalba – Instructor

Dance Style: American Smooth and Rhythm
Background: Dancing since age 5, choreography and performances for parties (i.e. weddings, graduations. etc)
Specialities: Help students achieve picturesque dancing
Personality: Eager, calm and loves to dance!
Favorite Dances: Hustle, Cha-Cha, E.C. Swing


Bill Pennybaker – Instructor

Dance Style: American Smooth and Rhythm
Favorite Dances:


Robert Wiegman – Instructor

Dance Styles: American Rhythm & Smooth (Bronze through Beginner Gold)
Background: Originally from Los Angeles, “the Valley.” Started dancing in 2000 at National Dance Club in Nashville, Tennessee. Several years later moved to Florida and four four years was with Fred Astaire Dance Studio Ft. Myers, Naples, and Tallahassee; 4 years with Arthur Murray Tallahassee, Lakeland, and Orlando, then in 2014 went independent as Spectacular Ballroom in Tallahassee. With ASA since 2019.
Specialties: Keeping the instruction SIMPLE; an extremely detailed understanding of leading/following knowledge and skills, plus the finest collection of 80s music you’ll ever hear!
Other professional experience: Bachelors Degree from the USC, George Lucas School of Cinema-Television. Runner-up Top Teacher Fred Astaire Pro-Am Nationals in Chicago; competed Pro-Am at countless competitions; 2017 Sarasota Pro-Am Challenge where student was awarded Top Proficiency.
Personality traits: ambitious, satirical, romantic, understanding
Favorite Dances: Foxtrot and Cha Cha


Supporting Staff:

Carolyn Bell Audije – Marketing, Design & Promotions

Dance: American Smooth & Rhythm; has competed regionally in Pro-Am Smooth and Rhythm
Background: Former Manager of Arthur Murray Dance Studio in Jacksonville, Florida. BA in Graphic Design 1991. Since 2010, is the Marketing and PR Director for the Jacksonville Children’s Chorus. She also does freelance graphic design as well as many volunteer endeavors with non-profit organizations and churches.
Specialties: Design of logos, brochures, publications, advertising, annual reports, marketing planning, websites; competes in local Pro/Am competitions
Other professional experience: Managed and taught for Arthur Murray Dance Studio from 1998-2004.
Personality traits: Organized, tenacious, family-oriented
Favorite dance: Bolero, Cha Cha and Tango


Shay Spicer – Certified Zumba® Instructor

Shay became a Certified Zumba® Fitness Instructor and took over the Zumba® Fitness classes at ASA in March of 2011. We started off with just a few students and now have thriving classes on Wednesday and Saturday mornings at 9:00am.

The best part about taking a class at ASA is that we have all different shapes, sizes, ages and ability level, but we all mix to make a great family. Shay tells all her students, new and existing, to remember, “the toughest step is walking through the front door!”