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What Some of our Members Say

Simply Awesome !!!

“Two words best describe the caring attitude, work ethic, instructive capability, talent, poise, and grace of every professional here: Simply Awesome!!! Special thanks to our instructors Andrew Granovski and Ruhiyyih Gepner, who envisioned, choreographed, edited music, and taught so patiently and well our April 6, 2013, showcase. Extremely proud and happy to be a member !!! (:o)~”

Mark Kellam, Member

My husband and I feel as if we have been born again!

“You’ve never had as much fun as dancing at A Social Affair Dance Studio! My husband and I feel as if we have been born again! Our instructors, Ruhiyyih and Markus, are wonderful. The group classes are also so much fun, taught by a variety of instructors which are all great, and you get to dance with several partners. You learn to lead and follow this way with various dance partners.

The parties on Friday nights are the best fun you will ever have!! It is mix and mingle all night long, dancing with old friends and new friends. The people here are just great and make you feel so welcome and at home. I have a smile on my face from the moment I enter this remarkable studio and feel so alive and young! If you love meeting people, dancing to music, and getting exercise in a fun and lively way, this is for you!

I have been a member since May of 2012, and I am having the time of my life! Come out and see what I mean. You will never meet nicer and friendlier people anywhere who will help you learn to dance. You do not need a partner at all, as we mix and mingle all night long. Do not waste another minute of your life! Take a chance and see how much fun you can have! My only regret is that I didn’t do this sooner. I will be dancing here for the rest of my life, with a smile on my face!

Dorry Lopez-Sinclair, Member

I never thought I would love anything more than ballet, until I tried ballroom dancing

“I never thought I would love anything more than ballet, until I tried ballroom dancing. I had an ankle injury and was dancing several hours a week of ballet and pointe. It got so bad that I had to have surgery. After the surgery, my ankle was actually worse due to the built up scar tissue. I was so down since I wasn’t able to do the thing I loved most. I thought my dancing career was over! Ballet was my passion and I felt there could never be anything better than it. Since I wasn’t able to do ballet, I figured I would try ballroom dancing. And now that I’m here at A Social Affair, I’ve found that ballroom dancing is even more fun than ballet! I love it so much and I couldn’t be happier! All the instructors her are so friendly and welcoming! Muhidin is such a wonderful instructor! He has such a caring and loving heart for people. He is so energetic, he’s a lot of fun, and he always puts a smile on my face. Whenever I’m having a bad day, I’ll come to the studio and Muhidin always makes it so much better! I want to learn all that I can and will work my hardest to become the best I can! I can’t wait for my first competition! A Social Affair has changed my life – I’ve found a new passion for ballroom dancing! I don’t know where I would be right now, if it wasn’t for A Social Affair!

Anna Gwaltney, Member

How Dancing Has Changed My Life

Sometimes I go back to when I first walked into the studio. Yes, I know my music; salsa, rumba, boleros. But there was something missing. I could not dance. I could only watch every body having a good time. The studio gave me a nice gift. I can dance now. I don’t have to watch others anymore. I have gained confidence and I don’t have to walk with my head down. My head is up, looking at everyone’s eyes, proud of being Latino and learning how to be expressive. Now I feel whole. Even when I go on a date, I feel very confident because I have something more to offer.

Thanks Chris, and thanks so much Carolyn for your patience. You are great instructors. And thank you staff.

Love, Hector, Member

Dancing and Me

Dancing is probably known best as a night time sport. (Shark of the Night Fun Baby!) But, for the Lar-Bear, well, he can enjoy it twenty four- seven. And in places you never would have guessed. No silly, it’s not that little dance we all do, when the shower water suddenly turns from a comfortable temperature to a scalding hot in less than a second! That’s doing the Jingly Wiggly! And it does not qualify… or could it? Nah! Dancing always makes me feel good, both inside and out. Imagine, I’m leaving the studio with a beautiful song in my heart, having had a great lesson. (They’re all great!) My head is spinning with dance patterns, from the Waltz, to the Cha-cha, or Rumba maybe. “Life is good!” In my head, I am counting (1-2,3. 1-2,3) Oh my God! Where did you park your ride dude!?!? (Cha-cha-cha!) Dancing, and certain tunes, can very quickly take me for a ride down memory lane. It’s been said, “I danced very well,” during those times. Dancing is dangerously romantic, dudes. Confirming bachelors before warned. If you don’ believe me, just dig your lady’s beautiful eyes as the two of you move through and evening of dancing. There’s that comfortable, pleasant look, and a smile, as you Foxtrot. Pure crazy fun shines in her eyes as you Swing or Cha-cha. Dreamy quiet love is her theme as you Waltz. The Tango? Man! There’s red, to hot to handle flames of passion showing! And of course, if the two of you Rumba, then she can quickly become a sexy seductress, that’s most often hidden away inside her. Like, it leaves me asking crazy questions. You know, like, could this possibly be the same freckled faced kid that lives next door? Or perhaps the wife you left sleeping in the morning with her hair in rollers and a ton of stuff on her face? Wow man! So dancing is the Lar-Bear’s passport to crazy and fun times. To actual quiet, and from there to feelings of passion and yeah, even love. It’s one hell of a trip, Dudes and Dudettes! A real kick, so join me, let’s dance!

The Lar-Bear ASA’s Senior and self-installed Stud Muffen

I would never want to go anywhere else.

I have been going to A Social Affair for almost six months now and I love it. I would never want to go anywhere else. The first time I came in I was shy and very nervous because I had never danced before and I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. I came in and met my instructor. He was so very nice and I began to feel more at ease. He introduced me to a few other instructors and soon I was much more relaxed. As we danced I forgot about everything else, all of my problems just faded into thing air. The more I kept going to A Social Affair, the more I saw myself improving, and not just on the dance floor. My life outside of the studio was improving. I was more outgoing and unafraid to let people get to know me. The students and staff of the studio were so friendly and sincere that my faith in people was actually restored. I was happier than ever when I would go in and be greeted by at least a half a dozen smiling faces. I have developed so many wonderful new relationships and gained so many new friends, that I feel truly blessed to have found such a wonderful place to dance and have fun. My favorite thing about the studio is the attitude of the people who work there and learn there. They are nice, friendly, sincere, and warm. They really want to help you learn.

Stefanie Hearn, Member

I used to be afraid of dancing…but I discovered, to my surprise, how much fun dancing is!

I used to be afraid of dancing. It used to be something I did only when forced out onto the dance floor, when all I really wanted to do was run back to my chair because I didn’t know how to dance. Secretly, though, it was something I really wanted to learn to do. Somehow, I finally got up the nerve to call ASA and set up a lesson. Walking through the front door on my first day was a challenge in itself. I almost turned around and went home! I’m so happy that I didn’t. Not only was everyone so nice to me, but I discovered, to my surprise, how much fun dancing is! Although it’s a lot of hard work, my lessons are something I always look forward to. Whenever I’ve had a bad day at work, I come into the studio and Tom is there, waiting to start my lesson. I always feel 100% better afterwards. Having such a wonderful teacher like Tom really makes the learning process so much more enjoyable. I’m so glad I walked through that front door!

Cynthia Hanna

The Joy I feel when I’m at the studio is beyond measure

Dear Staff,

I wanted to say thank you, but those words pale in comparison to the gratitude I’m feeling toward all of you at the studio. Ever since I was a little girl I have wanted to dance. Circumstances throughout life just never allowed it. Then I became a wife and mother, the greatest gifts of my life. Over the years however, I’d started to lose my own identity and had forgotten who “Kim” was. I have the most amazing husband who loves me so much to support me in anything I do and knowing the importance of me time, when I mentioned that I wanted to take dance lessons, he didn’t hesitate to agree. The Joy I feel when I’m at the studio is beyond measure, it’s like the joy of someone to love, it’s like the joy I have when my children laugh and are happy. And that joy that I feel while dancing is spreading out to the rest of my life. My family is reaping the benefits of this joy. How can you say thank you for that? Everyone at the studio is wonderful. So kind, and encouraging and fun! It’s so nice to see professionals so happy at what they do, being totally professional and yet seeing and embracing the fun in what they do. I’m so grateful for the studio and the entire staff. You all, along with my families support, are making my dreams come true.

With deepest gratitude, Kim Newsom

Dancing to Believe…

Whenever I would hear a song on the radio the first notes would send me soaring through the day. Music has always had this effect on me. From Classical to Latin I can see movement in the melody. This inspires me to dance, to remember the songs of the past and hope for new ones to celebrate in the future. I have always wanted to show how much music there is in me. Through laughter, patience, sweat, and tears, I have found a positive way to show my children that I can do so much if I believe in me. A Social Affair Dance Studio, and especially my muse, Stanislav Datsenko has been able to make this dream come true. I have found my bliss and I thank you.

Shashily Kling

Slow, Slow, Quick, Quick.

Oh those words – how they repeat over and over in your head until you find yourself at the copier mouthing them to no one in particular, while moving your feet, and find your co-workers starring at you like you have 6 heads. That is what dance has done to me. Mow, some may interpret that as not such a good thing, but not me. Ballroom dancing has become a huge part of me and filled my life with a joy I can’t possibly do justice in describing. It’s not just the dancing that’s fun, but a fantastic, courteous and knowledgeable staff who never make you feel like you suck, even at the simplest of steps, that make the experience all the more enjoyable. So thank you, all. I must express a special thank-you to my teacher, James. Aside from his dancing skill and talent, he always makes sure I have fun even when I’m struggling with a difficult (or not so difficult) step. It is truly wonderful to know, that there is a great place to go where you can dance, meet people and have fun all in the same location, without feeling the pressures of the outside world. So, keep on dancing and remember that the hokey-pokey says it best, “That’s what it’s all about.”

Jean Marie Bedeni